Discover how KSF Global partnered with Go Outdoors to revolutionize THEIR retail fixtures.

Go Outdoors, known for its extensive range of outdoor goods, faced a significant challenge: finding a responsive and cost-effective fitting and fixture partner during recent economically difficult times.


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  1. The Challenge: Go Outdoors needed to stand out in a market rattled by the pandemic and economic pressures. They required a swift, professional solution to uphold their commitment to quality and value, which they found in KSF Global.

  2. The Brief: Go Outdoors trusted KSF with a critical task - upgrading shoe racks in 10 stores with a tight deadline. The project demanded a retrofit design for future-proof installations.

  3. The Solution: KSF Global offered multiple design options to optimize space, create hotspots for new launches, and refresh the unit's look, ensuring a smooth production and installation process.

  4. The Results: Overcoming challenges like tight deadlines, budget constraints, and evolving design requirements, KSF achieved a 45% cost saving and expanded their services to 80 Go Outdoors stores, proving their prowess in POS and retail fixtures.




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