100+ Retail Store Fixtures fanned image 1We may be in a digital age, but brick-and-mortar shopping still reigns supreme.

Here are some interesting statistics from a recent survey:

  • 81% of Gen Z shoppers prefer discovering new products in-store
  • 50% of shoppers view in-store browsing as a way to disconnect from the digital world 
  • 55% of consumers look forward to shopping in store

More than a product, and more than a bargain, retail customers want an experience. This is why visual merchandising is key to driving traffic inside and increasing conversions. 

It's imperative to leverage the power of enticing store displays, creative retail fixtures, and a clear and engaging customer path.

Mastering these will help you influence customer behaviour and turn browsers into buyers

In this download, we’ve collated a comprehensive list of retail store fixtures that will give you inspiration on how to take your retail locations to the next level.


Who is this retail fixture content inspiration for?

If you’re a pioneering retail marketer looking to increase customer footfall and boost sales, this guide is for you. With 100+ creative examples of retail store fixtures, this downloadable will empower you to:

  • Improve store layout
  • Increase customer traffic
  • Entice customers at point-of-purchase
  • Drive sales

On average, retailers have eight seconds to grab a shopper’s attention. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about effective retail displays so that you can increase your store’s message retention - by 42% to be exact.


What this free content includes

  • An overview of different types of retail store fixtures
  • Inspirational examples of each type of store fixture
  • Ideas you can use to improve your store layout