see How games workshop improved the in-store shopping experience

KSF_GWS_CaseStudy_fan-1000x750px2With high street retailers facing real danger from online competitors, getting your store layout right is an absolute must. A good layout will engage shoppers, encourage them to explore the entire store and effectively drive sales of product lines.

So, you know that change needs to happen, but what, exactly needs to be changed? Finding out what is going wrong with your store layout is tricky. Where do you begin? How do you learn what works best for your customers and finally, how can you make sure that the budget is not blown needlessly?

Find out how this retailer solved multiple issues, simply by analysing the store layout and improving the shopping experience.

Download the store layout case study to learn:

  • How this retailer did the impossible by doubling their profits to £75.4 million.
  • What a store layout auditing process looks like and how you can identify issues and solutions in-store. 
  • Ways in which KSF Global transformed this retailer’s store layout to keep customers coming back for more.
  • How KSF Global made drastic cost savings by streamlining display units.  

KSF Global was able to provide this business with a unique retail solution that improved the customer’s experience and perception.  No sacrifice was made on the quality of display fixtures and fittings as this retailer was able to make full use of KSF’s worldwide network of designers, engineers and distributors.  

The experts at KSF Global guided the retailer throughout the entire design and manufacturing process smoothly to produce solutions that fitted the business perfectly. We understand the power of designing great store layouts and have been doing so for years. Find out how KSF Global worked with this high street retailer to leverage their current customer experience into something extraordinary and profitable.